Most cultures prefer to have as many people attend celebrations as conceivable. This is frequently the case when it comes to best men and maids of honor, but points are a little more subdued in Germany. On their large evening, a German couple likely typically only have one reliable partner of each identity to assist with the planning and various things. This individual is referred to as a trauzeuge or etauzeugin.

The majority of pre-wedding routines are handled by the trauzeuge, but it’s also his responsibility to deliver the wedding invitations. He visits each household to professionally invite customers to the wedding ceremony while wearing elegant robes decorated with flowers and ribbons. The couple’s friends might perhaps accompany him, and the two of them may devote days exploring the village to make sure everyone receives an invitation german girls.

The couple will gather with their friends and family for Polterabend ( literally: “eve of making rackets” ) the evening before the church wedding. They may break loads of china to pieces during this gathering. This is done because it is believed that while some marriage-related dishes may break, a healthy relationship wo n’t. Since breaking goblet is considered pretty unlucky in Germany, solely enamel and china are used.

Baumstamm sagen, which means” sawing a trees stem,” is another well-liked wedding gameplay. As a metaphoric activity for the brides, this is carried out at the conclusion of the temple wedding. The bride and groom must saw through a timber log. It is said that whoever can cut through the most has the strongest union.

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